In John 15 the Lord said, Abide in me and I in you. One simple way to abide in Him is to tell Him all. The matter of having fellowship can be so simple. Just talk to Him. Are you anxious?—talk to Him. Frustrated?—talk to Him. Happy?—talk to Him. Are your doing just fine?—still talk […]

When speaking about the Lord’s second coming in I Thessalonians 5:17 Paul charged the Thessalonian believers to unceasingly pray. What does it mean to unceasingly pray? In this podcast we break down what it means practically by looking at two different categories of prayer. We see how, in the midst of our daily life and […]

For a believer the first casualty of a busy life is usually prayer. How is your prayer life? We all feel short in this matter, but how can we have a beginning? And more importantly, how can we have a continuation? In this podcast we cover the importance of developing a prayer life when we […]

Why were George Muller’s prayers so effective? And why does it seem that at times our prayers are ineffective? The secret lies in how we handle the Bible. In this podcast we take a look at George Muller’s hidden source of supply.

We are taking a break from our current line of fellowship to consider the burden of prayer in the Lord’s Recovery. Join us as we make December a month of prayer. In this podcast we review the burden and provide some practical fellowship for our direction in the coming days. For more info see […]

Watchman Nee once said, “Why do we work so much and pray so little when our prayer can accomplish much more than our work.” In this podcast we take a look at George Muller’s prayer life and what lessons it holds for us today.

D.L. Moody, widely known for his unceasing labor in the gospel, was a person whose personal living was at the root of his work. Moody once said that before we talk to men, we should first talk to God. In this podcast, we take a look at D.L. Moody’s life and see how Moody’s person […]

Before we speak to our friends about the Lord, we first need to pray to God concerning them. The gospel needs a hidden life of intercession. In this podcast we take a look at the importance of intercession and how it affected one young man, Hudson Taylor.

Do you feel like your preaching has no effect? Early in his Christian life, Watchman Nee preached the gospel for an entire year with almost no result. Then a sister told him that the problem was not with his preaching but with his prayer. In this week’s podcast we cover five principles for us to […]

Just as John the Baptist stirred up an atmosphere of repentance before the Lord’s first coming, we need to do the same in preparation for the Lord’s second coming. This week’s podcast issues a challenge to us to stir up an atmosphere of the gospel through our prayer and our testimony before others.

One of the ways we can “do business” until the Lord comes is by having a certain kind of prayer, the prayer of companions. In this week’s podcast we cover our need to have this kind of prayer, prayers of authority that bind and loose and that touch God’s will concerning His lost sheep.

“Her sins which are many are forgiven, because she loved much; but to whom little is forgiven, he loves little” (Luke 7:47). In this week’s podcast we draw a connection between the matters of loving the Lord, confessing our sins, and being brought into a deeper fellowship with the Lord.

So far we’ve seen many aspects and practices related to our set time of fellowship with the Lord, but if we lack one basic yet critical matter, our time with the Lord will still feel dry and unsatisfying. Find out what this basic matter is in this week’s podcast.

Below are the guidelines for a time with the Lord that are mentioned in Flee and Pursue Podcast #7. Each of the items listed below has suggested amounts of time to spend on that item; the first time is for the 7-minute version of the program, and the time in parentheses is for the 10-minute […]

For those of us who are not used to having a time of fellowship with the Lord, such a time may be awkward; we may not know what to do or say. To help us overcome this problem, in this week’s podcast we introduce a set of guidelines called “A Time with the Lord – […]

Ever struggle in the morning with whether to get up and fellowship with the Lord or to stay in bed an extra ten minutes? Perhaps one of the reasons this is such a struggle is that we do not realize the immense benefits of spending time with the Lord in the morning. In this week’s […]

Many of us are familiar with the matter of pray-reading, but we may not know why it is necessary or how to practice it. This week’s podcast tackles why pray-reading is so crucial and two ways to incorporate this life practice into our time with the Lord.

One of the biggest obstacles in our morning time with the Lord is our wandering mind. What should we do when distracting thoughts interrupt our fellowship with the Lord? Find out in this episode the way to deal with this problem.

Have you ever tried to have a time with the Lord in the morning but failed? Then have a new beginning by listening to this third podcast in the “Flee and Pursue” series! This week’s podcast presents this crucial practice in a very simple and approachable way, refreshing our desire to begin each day with […]