When the Lord returns will He find us to be faithful servants. In this podcast we focus on how we can prepare for the Lord’s second coming by paying attention to our service. We will focus on two things in particular–the gospel and our serving in the church life.

In Matthew 25 the Lord uses two parables to liken Himself in His second coming to a Bridegroom and a Master. While He tarries, He instructs us to take care of two things–our life and our service. These parables set forth both an incentive and a warning to us today.In Matthew 25 the Lord uses […]

In Christian work, workers are always seeking the Lord’s blessing in their work. As A.B. Simpson worked to serve the Lord throughout his life, he gradually came to seek the Blesser instead of the blessing. In this podcast we take a look at A.B. Simpson’s life of service.

One of the best ways to redeem our time is to be in the church life. Practically speaking, this means making time to participate in church meetings, services in the church, and the small groups meetings. Find out why it’s important to make these part of our daily and weekly schedule.