One of the remarkable things about D.L. Moody is that he was a very open and broad person. In his lifetime, he contacted many people from different walks of life. He also contacted different ages and stages–the elderly, children, and college students. In this podcast we take a look at some of these relationships and […]

D.L. Moody, widely known for his unceasing labor in the gospel, was a person whose personal living was at the root of his work. Moody once said that before we talk to men, we should first talk to God. In this podcast, we take a look at D.L. Moody’s life and see how Moody’s person […]

D.L. Moody, one of the great evangelists of the 19th century, is primarily known for his gospel preaching, but related to this, another great burden he had was for what he called the “slumbering church.” He was burdened that the church would rise up to preach the gospel. He once said, “I would rather wake […]