The start of the school year is a time for new beginnings. What about a new beginning in the gospel? In this post and in the next few to come, we will highlight some fellowships related to the gospel that we here at Ageturners have collected over the years. You might consider the following: Go […]

The end of the school year is here for many of us. This presents us with one last opportunity to witness to our circle of friends. The Lord has scattered us as seeds of the gospel in our respective schools. It’s the end of the semester but it’s never too late. There is no better […]

God desires all men to be saved and to come to the full knowledge of the truth (I Tim 2:4.) Oftentimes we want our friends, classmates, and family members to receive the Lord but we are either timid to share the gospel with them or we don’t know how to lead them to the Lord. […]

When you set foot on your college campus this fall don’t hide your identity as a believer. Pray for your campus, friends and classmates. Testify to them concerning your life with the Lord. These are just a few of the matters covered in this time of fellowship given during the 2009 West Coast College Training. […]

Do you feel like your preaching has no effect? Early in his Christian life, Watchman Nee preached the gospel for an entire year with almost no result. Then a sister told him that the problem was not with his preaching but with his prayer. In this week’s podcast we cover five principles for us to […]

How can we stand against the tide of this age? We need the humanity of Jesus! In this week’s podcast we see that enjoying the humanity of Jesus is the way for us to be His testimony, to have an impact on our friends, and “having done all, to stand” (Eph. 6:13).

In Luke 19:13 the Lord says, “Do business until I come.” In this week’s podcast we tackle the need for a change in our mindset, a change from merely being on the defensive to being on the offensive, from merely holding onto our “mina” to actively doing business with it, especially in regard to bringing […]

One of the most difficult issues we as young people face is how to be with our unbelieving friends or those who believe but are not in the church life. This second podcast in the “Flee and Pursue” series addresses this issue, revealing how to keep ourselves when our friends want us to participate in […]