On Robert Morrison’s tombstone it is written, “After a service of twenty-seven years cheerfully spent in extending the kingdom of the blessed Redeemer…he sweetly slept in Jesus.” Anyone familiar with Morrison’s missionary endeavors in China knows that he often met with privation and hardship. Yet despite his outward circumstances, Morrison’s life stands as a record […]

One of the great accomplishments of Robert Morrison was his translation of the Bible into the Chinese language. As an early pioneer in the mission field, Morrison was observed closely by Catholic and Chinese officials. He was prohibited from teaching or preaching the gospel to any Chinese besides those who labored closely with him. God sovereignly […]

Buried? Yes, but it is seedFrom which Continents may feed;Millions yet may bless the dayWhen that seed was laid away. – M.E. Barber China owes a great debt to Robert Morrison. He was the first Protestant missionary to pioneer a gospel work in a land that most Christians at the time deemed impenetrable. In terms […]