Peter’s denial of the Lord, shortly before the Lord Jesus’ crucifixion, is recorded in all four of the gospels. Peter was a person who was always confident in himself, but on the eve of the Lord’s crucifixion his confidence failed. What lessons can we learn today from Peter’s failure?

The record of King David’s failure in the Old Testament is striking. It should serve as a strong warning to us today that regardless of our position or attainment in God’s kingdom, it is still possible for us to fall into sin. In this podcast we take a look at two lessons we can learn […]

We all know the story of Cain and Abel but do we know the lessons that we can learn from Cain’s failure? In Genesis 4:7 we are told that sin is crouching at the door and that his desire is for us but that we must rule over him. In this podcast we take a […]

Today we live in an exceedingly sinful environment. There is temptation from without accompanied by the struggle within ourselves. In 2 Timothy 2:22 Paul charges us to flee youthful lusts and pursue with those. In Peter’s epistle he tells us to be sober and watch. In the gospels the Lord Jesus tells us to watch […]

The ultimate gift and topmost blessing that God has given to us is His eternal life. By virtue of our regeneration we possess this life. In all our activities and in all our church life we must continually pay attention to this matter. Eating the tree of life by enjoying Christ as our life supply […]