2009 East Coast College Training – Christ Lives in Me

The desire of God’s heart is to reveal Christ in us that we may know Him, receive Him as our life, and express Him corporately as the sons of God. The Epistle to the Galatians was written by Paul to rescue the distracted believers out of religion (i.e., worshipping and serving God without Christ) and back to the experience of Christ as the Spirit in their spirit. The experience of Christ in such a subjective way is the start of the Christian life, beginning with a revelation of the indwelling Christ, and continuing in the organic union with Him. Eventually, the entire Christian experience can be summarized in Paul’s statement, “it is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me.”


Christ Lives in Me
Morning Session One (1) - Receiving the Spirit
Morning Session One (2) - The Promise of the Spirit as the Blessing of the Gospel
Morning Session One (3) - Living and Walking in the Spirit
Morning Session One (4) - Sowing Unto the Spirit
Morning Session One (5) - Grace Being with Our Spirit

Preaching the Gospel
Morning Session Two (1) - Gospel Fellowship
Morning Session Two (2) - Gospel Fellowship
Morning Session Two (3) - Prayer
Morning Session Two (4) - Companions
Morning Session Two (5) - Using the Homes

Christ Lives in Me - The Experience of Christ in Galatians
Evening Session (1) - Being Rescued Out of the Present Evil Age
Evening Session (2) - The Revelation of God's Son in Us
Evening Session (3) - A Revelation of God's Economy - I Crucified in Christ's Death and Christ Living in Me in His Resurrection
Evening Session (4) - Baptized into Christ, Putting on Christ, and Being One in Christ
Evening Session (5) - Christ Being Formed in Us
Evening Session (6) - Crucified to the Religious World to Live a New Creation

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