2014 Summer School of Truth for South America

This year's summer school of truth for all of South America covered the Triune God and the person and work of Christ. The fellowship was rich, practical, and uplifting. The messages are in English with Portuguese translation. Lesson six was not covered in detail; there is no corresponding audio file.

The Triune God and the Person and Work of Christ


Lesson 1 - God as Revealed in the Bible is Triune
Lesson 2 - God Being Triune Eternally and the Essential and Economical Trinity
Lesson 3 - The Son Being the Embodiment of the Triune God
Lesson 4 -The Spirit Being the Processed and Consummated Triune God
Lesson 5 - The Person of Christ
Lesson 7 - Christ's Incarnation and Human Living
Lesson 8 - Christ's Crucifixion
Lesson 9 - Christ's Resurrection
Lesson 10 - Christ's Ascension
Lesson 11 - Christ's Second Coming

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