2016 Southeast College Training – Final Report

The capstone messages from the last two days of the training showed us that 1) Christ is nourishing and cherishing the church through the washing of the water in the Word. The church is His bride! And 2) the church is the corporate warrior. Our gathering together to pray with the saints is critical for the Lords move on the earth to bring in His kingdom.

The students were encouraged to leave the training with the habit to RESPOND to the Lords speaking from the week by praying words that touched them back to the Lord. Our simple prayers after messages completes the cycle of God speaking to us and enables Him to carry it out through our response.

We also rejoiced for three baptisms! Here are some of their testimonies...

"In this training, the Lord revealed himself to me in the capacity He has for me if I choose Him. Not for my parents or my pastor, but just for myself."

"At the beginning of the year, if anyone would have told me that I would be here, I would say that you're lying. It has been truly amazing to see the Oneness of the body. I'm really thankful to be at this training. I just want to give my heart to God."

"I have had a feeling to be baptized for a while now, but I was scared to be baptized. But now that I see that God is nourishing and comforting, I really want to bury the old man."

There were over 25 brothers that shared various sections of the messages throughout the week. There was a sweet one accord and each one had a particular portion of Christ to minister for our building up.

We are so thankful for this week! Praise Him! Thank you for standing with us.

Please continue to pray:

  • The students would have a practical way to pursue the Lord in the church life and apply what they have heard
  • The students would be fruitful this upcoming school year
  • The flow of life released in the all the college trainings would continue to bless campuses/localities

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