2016 Southeast College Training – Report 2

2016 College Training


Your prayers have brought the training to a higher level of enjoyment! The atmosphere is full of the Spirit and positively contagious! Students have to arrive extra early to get good seats, the singing and corporate pray reading have been a display of using our whole being to enjoy the Lord, and the prayer of the serving saints has been strong and in one accord. Even the "breaks" are full of singing and prayer. We sense the Lord is so happy and pleased to pour out His blessing.

Two days ago we had an afternoon BBQ with the local saints in Athens. They have been faithful in many aspects of practical service during the week and it was an opportunity for the students to meet the families and overflow enjoyment with them.

Yesterday, the students practiced preparing and giving one message as a small group. They spent time to labor in the word and ministry to speak their portion of Christ. Every student shared something and it was a rich exhibition. We hope this taste will encourage them to prepare and speak more in the church meetings.

This morning we enjoyed singing "Now from my heart comes, a happy song, it's just for You, Lord, the only One! J-E-S-U-S! I love You!" The brothers encouraged us to use our mouth more to call, sing, and praise first thing in the morning. We should not to be afraid to cry out to the Lord to touch Him first thing and to continue all day. He wants to hear our voice!

Here is some overflow from trainees:

"We have a cloud of witnesses that are waiting for us to finish this building. Let us go on!"
"We are experiencing Christ FOR the building up of the church."
"The Lord never intended us to pursue alone. Thank you Lord we can be together in spirit, to be the fullness of your expression"
"The church is Gods greatest boast!"
"When we all arrive, He will arrive!" (Eph 4)
"Lord, cause me to appreciate the variety of the members"
"Each member of the Body has its own function"
"Overcomers sing!"

For continued prayer...

  • The Lord would be able to release all that is in His heart for the last two days
  • The students would see the practical way for them to enter into the Body life
  • The flow we are enjoying would circulate and supply the Body

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