2016 West Coast South College Training – Report

2016 College Training


This is a report from the Southwest College Training in Oak Glen, CA. We are currently in our third day of training. The Lord has blessed over 300 attendees of which 242 are students. We can sense that we have been borne by the prayers of the saints.

We enjoyed an evening message titled "God's Economy to Head Up All Things in Christ through the Church." The students were impressed with their need to be under the constant dispensing of the divine life and to be headed up in Christ. There also has been much speaking on the need to exercise our spirit in order to enter into the reality of the matters spoken.

In one of the morning sessions we have been covering the matter of the twos and threes and the students' need to see how the Lord has provided companions for them to be related with.

We have had a blessed problem of students wanting to wake up before the 6:30 am wake up time. This has greatly added to the atmosphere.

Prayer Burdens:

  • In their groups of twos and threes, students would continue to build up an atmosphere of prayer and fellowship.
  • Students would go beyond mere mental knowledge to be unveiled to spiritually apprehend and see the mystery of God in spirit.

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