When the Apostle Paul came to the end of his course, it was during a time of general decline. Even the churches were in decline. Outwardly, everything seemed disappointing, but Paul was not discouraged. In his last epistle, 2 Timothy, Paul reminded and charged Timothy, his younger co-worker, to guard the deposit that was in him. Paul’s trust and confidence were in this deposit. What did this charge consist of, and what is this deposit? The book of 2 Timothy as a whole helps us answer these questions. In this conference, we look at all the ways this epistle applies to us as young believers living in a situation similar to the young Timothy. Despite the outward decline that we find all around us today, we do have a way to overcome and live out a healthy church.

(Note: Messages 3 & 4 are in Portuguese only)


  1. O Timothy, Guard the Deposit
  2. Guard the Deposit
  3. Timothy’s Fivefold Status to Meet the Need in the Present Age
  4. A Man of God with the Breath of God in Order to Fight the Worsening of the Decline
  5. A Warning, an Incentive and a Choice

Special Fellowship (1) – Prayreading the Word of God
Special Fellowship (2) – Taking Care of Our Heart
Special Fellowship (3) – The Word and the Words We Speak

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  1. Oh Lord Jesus, thank you Lord for the young ones. Thank you, Lord for making us ageturners

  2. May the Lord cause us to become Timothy of today


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