2018 Winter Training Fellowship – The Priestly Army

In this fellowship, Brother Minoru shares an encouraging word to the young people to help them realize that they are not too young to begin exercising themselves in the priestly army revealed in the book of Numbers. To be formed into this army requires our cooperation. Today God is poor as far as the priesthood is concerned. Many believers do not fulfill their service and function as New Testament priests. Because of this God has prepared the Nazarite vow. If we mean business with God we should settle this matter once and for all and make a vow. Then we should renew this vow daily by exercising our faith and love. Even when we fail, we have the blood to cleanse us. We should realize that this vow is not just for us to be a good brother and sister in the church. It is a vow that enables us to stand against the degradation of the age. When everything is falling below God’s standard among His people, we stand there. We plug up the holes. We fill in the breaches. We also need to realize our status as a soldier. We are not too young to begin fighting. Finally, we need a corporate walk that enables us to be built up into this army that will fulfill God’s purpose today.

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