Christ – The Living Word of God

God has been journeying from eternity past to reach us and to be enjoyed by us. Although God is mysterious, He wants to be made known to man. Christ is the eternal word of God (John 1:1). He defines, explains, and expresses God. In time, Christ as the eternal word of God was incarnated to be the living word of God (John 1:14). As the living word of God, He was with and among the disciples, but He didn’t just want to be among them, He wanted to be in them. For this, He became the life-giving Spirit (I Corinthians 15:45). The Spirit, however, is still somewhat abstract and intangible, so the Life-Giving Spirit was embodied in the Bible to be the written word of God (John 6:63). This is why we need to read the Bible, pray the Bible, and sing the Bible. Through our living contact with the Bible, we contact Christ and then speak Him as the spoken word of God (Acts 12:24, I Cor. 14:4b). In this way, God’s word grows in us and God’s word is multiplied. The journey is complete. What a journey!


  1. Christ - The Eternal Word of God
  2. Christ - The Living Word and The Life-Giving Spirit
  3. The Bible - God's Written Word
  4. The Spoken Word of God
  5. Afternoon Special Fellowship

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