European YP Conference – The Testimony of Jesus

When Christ was living on the earth as a man, He was the testimony and expression of God. In Revelation 1:5 He is called "the faithful Witness." Today God desires to reproduce this testimony and expression in the church. Because we live in a dark age, there is very little realization of this testimony today. If we are going to be the testimony of Jesus today, we must know the age in which we are living, the present revelation for us from God, and where we should be and what we should do. The picture of Noah and his family building the ark in the Old Testament and the signs presented to us in the book of Revelation show us the kind of testimony that God wants to gain on the earth today.


  1. The Testimony of Jesus
  2. Being Rescued out of the Present Evil Age and as the "Family of Noah" Building the Corporate Christ as the Ark to Be the Testimony of Jesus
  3. The Life and Work that Changed the Age
  4. Entering the Church Life as Today's "Ark" according to the Lord's Present Revelation
  5. The Revelation and Experience of the Golden Lamsptands and the Great Multitude as the Testimony of Jesus
  6. The Revelation and Experience of the Heavenly Woman with Her Manchild, the Firstfruits, and the Victorious Ones as the Testimony of Jesus
  7. The Revelation and Experience of the Overcomers, the Bride, the Warrior and the New Jerusalem as the Testimony of Jesus
  8. Knowing the Age We are in and the Lord's Need for His Testimony and Having an Upper Room Consecration to Turn the Age
  9. The Characteristics of the Men Who Turn the Age

Special Fellowship -The Humanity Needed to be the Testimony of Jesus in this Age

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