Final Report for NACT

Dear saints,

We are so thankful for all of your prayers for the entirety of 50 days before, during, and after the North America College Training, July 14-20, 2019, in Champaign, Illinois! The blessing upon this training was abundant, and the training had a dynamic effect on many students, causing them to strongly and substantially give their lives to the Lord. It was truly a time of jubilee, of great rejoicing, and of full release from all oppression of the enemy! The students are experiencing the continued impact of this training in their daily living being worked out before our very eyes.

Furthermore, the coordination among the hundreds of saints who served in so many different capacities was solid and sweet. It was amazing how smoothly the training went despite the wide diversity of all who served. We believe it was truly an answer to all of the saints’ prayers. In addition to the saints praying worldwide for this training, about 30 saints came to the college training mainly to pray on site. All of those praying were such a strengthening to all participating in the training.

All in all, 2,784 total saints checked in, including 1891 students (1375 from the US and 516 from other countries), 890 serving ones, and 44 current FTT trainees. We estimate that almost 50% of the students were at their first college training. Many of these truly experienced the Lord’s appearing and strongly consecrated their lives to the Lord. In fact, the climax of the training came on Friday night when many students came forward to give their lives to the Lord while 8 senior brothers prayed over them in a prevailing way, even with tears. The burden that the students would find Christ in the word came out again and again in the messages; may all of the students rise up to let the word of God dwell in them richly! Please continue to pray for this.

In addition to the imparting of the vision of God’s economy to the students, there were also many practical topics touched such as tips on how to contact people, how to consider decisions for their future, and the Biblical view of marriage. Many older and experienced saints also labored to have 1-on-1 fellowships with many students who desired to open up their personal situations and struggles and receive the shepherding from the experienced ones.

On Saturday morning the Lord led us to set a goal for 2023 that we would have 5,000 attendees. Please pray that 1) all the attendees in 2019 would embrace this goal for the next four years, and 2) that the Lord would guide us in developing and implementing a comprehensive four year plan to reach this goal.

We believe this training will have a lasting impact on the students for the rest of their lives. Please continue to pray for them to live out and proclaim the jubilee this summer and throughout this upcoming school year! Again, thank you so much for your prayer and support in the Body!

The NACT Coordinating Brothers


  1. César Armando Mejía Navarrete on August 15, 2019 at 3:13 pm

    Praise the Lord, thank you Lord for Your grace with our youth, oh Lord keep raising these young people for Your return!

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