Flee and Pursue Podcast #95 – Our Fivefold Status to Meet the Need in the Present Age

In the midst of decline, what kind of people should we be? In 2 Timothy Chapter 2, Paul’s charge to his young co-worker Timothy reveals that we need to be young people with a five-fold status: (1) Teachers - those who are constituted with the truth to teach and shepherd; (2) Soldiers - those who are standing with the Lord to fight for the Lord’s interest, not entangled with the affairs of this life; (3) Contenders - athletes who are self-disciplined in all the things of their daily life; (4) Laboring farmers - those tending to life and taking care of the things of life; and (5) Workman - those allowing God to build Himself into them and then, in turn, ministering this builded God into others. In this podcast we consider these five statuses.

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