7 Reasons to Carry Gospel Tracts with You


Gospel tracts have been around for a long time. In fact they predate the printing press! It's always good to carry a few around with you. Keep them in your pocket or your backpack. We might not always have the boldness to speak the gospel to strangers or to our friends. If that's the case, then we can leave them with a gospel tract. Gospel tracts, as you will see, are bold and fearless. In the next age we might be surprised to learn the countless stories of lives that were affected in private by these little tracts. Here are 7 reasons why we should always be armed with some gospel tracts (Watchman Nee, Kuling Training, Vol. 2):

Not Being Limited by Man's Speaking

The first advantage of distributing tracts is that they are not limited by man's ability to speak….In fact, many times the tracts speak more clearly and accurately than a man can speak. (404)

Not Being Limited by Age and Status

The second advantage of tracts is that they are not limited by the age or status of the receiver….When there is a gap between the preacher and his listener in rank, age, or sex, and there is some hesitation because of this gap, tracts fill the gap nicely. (406)

Not Being Intimidated by Human Factors or the Atmosphere

The third advantage of tracts is that they are not intimidated by human factors or the surrounding atmosphere….[W]hen considerations such as status, rank, face, or other human factors stand in the way, we can give tracts and pray. The advantage of a tract is that it is not intimidated by human factors. It is not influenced by the listener, and it speaks only the words of the truth. (407)

Avoiding Much Debate

The fourth advantage of tracts is that they avoid much debate. Many times in preaching to others, we fall into debates and arguments. Sometimes we meet a person who likes to argue….We should not debate with him. Instead, we should present a tract to him in a sincere and calm way. (408)

Not Being Limited by Time and Persons

The fifth advantage of tracts is that they are not limited by time and persons. Tracts save men without the limitation of time….[Tracts] can testify anywhere at anytime to anyone. Whether or not we know a person, tracts can testify to him. They are not limited by the kind of person who receives the tract. A man can read a tract at any time. Any time he is free, he can read a tract. If we give a man a tract, it can go where the man goes; it can testify to him anywhere at anytime. This is what makes tracts so convenient. (408)

Being Able to Be Sowed Anywhere

The sixth advantage of tracts is that we can sow them anywhere. (409)

Enabling All Believers to Function

The seventh advantage of tracts is that they enable all believers to function….There is no distinction between tract distributors; a person who receives a tract does not care who he received it from. (409)

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