Helps to Live in the Church Life

As we endeavor to bear fruit by speaking to our classmates and friends, we must also endeavor to know something of the Body life. Practically speaking, this means entering into and experiencing the church life. In this fellowship practical help is given regarding living in the church life. Some of the items covered are: respecting the saints of all ages and all stages, being given to a meeting life, coordinating with others, avoiding legality, avoiding comparisons, aspiring to be trained, realizing that you are a member of the Body, and realizing that you are only a member of the Body.

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Helps to Live in the Church Life (2)


  1. Edgar Escandallo on June 12, 2013 at 1:14 am

    Praise the Lord. We are so happy this website is back to supply us and strengthen the young people. May the Lord gain a group of young people who will turn this age and bring Him back. Amen

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