Highlights from the Book of Genesis

The Blueprint of the Bible

The vision set forth at the beginning of the Bible [Genesis] is like a blueprint at the beginning of a building instruction manual. This vision is a blueprint showing us the work that God intends to do, the goal that He wants to attain, and what He is after in this universe and among men.

- The Vision of God's Building


A Book of Seeds

The Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Old Testament, adopted the title of Genesis which is a Latin word that means giving of birth, origin. Genesis brings birth to everything, gives the origin of everything. Genesis is a book containing all the seeds of the divine truths. All the divine truths in the whole Bible were sown in this book.

- Life-Study of Genesis


Satan's Origin & Destiny

The so-called modern critics, who do not believe in the Bible, mainly direct their attacks at the books of Genesis and Revelation....The higher critics attacked the books of Genesis and Revelation because the subtle serpent within them knew that no other books exposed him as much. If you want to know how the serpent came in and what his destiny will be, you need to read the first chapters of Genesis and the last chapters of Revelation.

- Life-Study of Genesis


Tree of Life & Church Life

Eating the tree of life, that is, enjoying Christ as our life supply, should be the primary matter in the church life. The content of the church life depends upon the enjoyment of Christ.

- Life-Study of Revelation


The River of Water of Life

The flow of the Lord must have the preeminence. We must give the flow of the Lord the highest position. We must give the Lord Himself the highest position. Then the flow will be prevailing. The flow should be the controlling factor in our person and in our work. The flow must have the place of preeminence.

- The Life-Study of Ezekiel


An Organic Masterpiece

God's eternal intention for us to become the New Jerusalem is seen in Genesis 1—2 as the organic blueprint, the architectural plan of the Triune God, and in Revelation 21—22 as the finished product, the organic masterpiece of the Triune God, to be the model of what we are and how we work.

- The Crystallization-Study Outlines—New Jerusalem


Greatest & Highest Vision

Genesis 1 and 2 present not just the facts of God's creation, not just revelations from God's creation, but a big vision, the unique vision, the greatest and the highest vision of God's entire economy.

- The Triune God's Revelation and Move


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