How to Read Your Bible – According to a Schedule


Emails, Facebook status updates, the latest news, you name it - life is fast in the 21st Century. We often find ourselves running from one thing to another. Today, it seems so hard to do things in a routine and scheduled way but in the middle of all of our busyness we need to set aside some time each day to quiet down our being and spend time in the word.

Reading the Bible in a regular and scheduled way is one of the most important habits we can build up when we are young. That's why it's good to practice reading according to a schedule.

Today there are many ways you can schedule your Bible reading. You can schedule it online, on your phone, or use things like Google docs. You can even be old fashion and carry a paper schedule around with you neatly tucked away in your Bible. Whatever method you choose, a schedule helps keep us accountable and stay on track.

Do you have a favorite way of scheduling your Bible reading?

Resources for helping you schedule your daily Bible reading:

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