Lord, We Love Your Dwelling Place

Outside of God’s salvation in Christ, we are all homeless, aliens, and foreigners. The first question God asked fallen mankind was, "Where are you?" Within every human being there is a yearning and longing: What is our source? Where did we come from? Where are we going? In his fellowship to college students, Brother Ron Kangas shares about the genuine church life as the house of God, the Father's house. Here the human heart finds its fulfillment. In all that we do, do we have the Father's house in view? Do you choose where you are going to study for the Father's house? Do you view your marriage in light of the Father's house? Do you take care of your health for the Father's house? Psalm 23 reveals that all of God’s shepherding of us is toward the house of God.

Introduction - Lord, We Love Your Dwelling Place
Enjoying God in the House of God
The Two Altars in God's Dwelling Place

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