Men Who Turn the Age

Do we have dispensational value in God’s eyes? Men often value the worth of a person’s life in terms of education, financial attainment or contribution to society, but how does God value a man’s life? God wants to close this age and bring in the age of the kingdom. For this, He needs some to rise up and voluntarily consecrate themselves for this great work. While the world is going downward, there are some who rise up to be an anti-testimony to this age. These are the kind of people that have dispensational value before God. Daniel and his companions were such ones, providing us with an excellent pattern of a group of young people who rose up to turn the age.


  1. Having Dispensational Value to God in the Last Days to Turn the Age
  2. The Victory of the Young Overcomers Over the Demonic Diet
  3. The Victory of the Young Overcomers over the Devilish Blinding that Prevents People from Seeing the Divine History within the Human History
  4. The Victory of the Young Overcomers over the Seduction of Idol Worship and over the Covering that Hinders People from Seeing the Ruling of the Heavens
  5. The Victory of the Young Overcomers over the Ignorance concerning the Result of Debauchery before God and the Insult to His Holiness and Over the Subtlety That Prohibited the Faithfulness of the Overcomers in the Worship of God
  6. Daniel—A Pattern of a Person Used by God to Turn the Age

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