National College Training – A Reminder to Pray

Thank you saints for all of your prayers for this past week! Now our labor in prayer must not cease. We must continue steadfastly in prayer for these students as they return to summer internships, families, summer school, work, or other activities. We consider that the national college training was the beginning of a new era in the Lord's move on the campuses and must strongly pray for its continuation. We believe that the time is near for the Lord's coming and this generation will see His face! In particular, pray that the students would:

  1. Establish a set time and set place each day to romantically love the Lord and eat His word in the morning
  2. Immediately commit to daily read His word
  3. Walk by the Spirit in daily life, shining as an anti-testimony in the midst of the darkness of this present age
  4. Experience outpouring of the economical Spirit of power by participating in the prayer meetings of the church and by preaching the gospel with authority
  5. Pray with companions regularly, being built up with one another and loosing their friends and classmates to be saved
  6. Daily renew their consecration before the Lord for the rest of their lives to turn this age
  7. Bring the fire of the Lord's recovery to all of His saints in His recovery and be a factor to usher in the final revival that will bring the Lord back!

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