New Book Offer from BfA

From Bibles for America:

Dear saints,

We thought you might like to tell your friends about this new offer from Bibles for America.

BfA is offering a new free two-book set of The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee and The Economy of God by Witness Lee.

Why these books?

  • The truths in both of these books are foundational for living a healthy, normal Christian life in God’s economy.
  • Christians today desperately need these life-changing truths and practical applications.
  • Many saints first touched the ministry of the age through one of these books, which revolutionized their understanding of the Christian life and God’s plan.

For people to get the help available through these books, they must first hear about them. We hope that saints of all ages and at all stages will bear this burden with us.

Please pray for the spreading of these books throughout the country and on your campus; specifically, pray that:

  • People would find out about this free offer and order the new set.
  • Readers would be enlightened and profoundly affected, and would share what they’ve received with others.
  • Many in this country would be led to the riches of this all-inheriting ministry through these books.

You can share the news of this free offer with those around you—your family, friends, neighbors, and classmates—and encourage them to go to to order their free set. You can share the free offer via social media, e-mail, and word of mouth to help these books reach as far as possible.

We’ve prepared special cards you can use to tell people about the offer. You can order the wallet-sized offer cards at

To support the carrying out of this burden, you can give online at

Visit to read more about this new free set from BfA. You can also watch a video on the new set here.

In His service,

The staff at Bibles for America

P.S. Please remember that this free offer is for the public only so that we can give away copies as widely as possible. If you or other saints in the Lord’s recovery would like to have either of these books, you can purchase them at

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