We would like to announce that the existing beseeching.org is being rebuilt. It will be a completely new site to help the saints in the churches in North America, especially those in the United States, persevere in daily intercessory prayer, and continue on from the 60 days of global 24-hour prayer that ended in May.

The site will be relaunched on Monday, June 15. You can visit beseeching.org now to sign up to receive daily emails containing a prayer burden, along with crucial verses. There will also be additional resources on the site, such as ministry references and hymns on prayer.

The first 14 days will cover the recent Memorial Day conference on “A Timely Word concerning the World Situation and the Lord’s Recovery.” More prayer burdens will be added after these 14 days.

You can also follow the Beseeching accounts on Facebook and Instagram to see the daily prayer burdens.

May the Lord continue to gain the prayers He needs to carry out His interests on the earth.

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  1. May the Lord have His will accomplished through the saints’ daily prayer. May we be perfected to build a life of prayer for His interests.

  2. Because prayer involves a battle, how we really really need to persevere in prayer. May He be more gracious to us.


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