Attend to the public reading, practice these things, be in them, continue in these things, take heed to yourself–these are just a few of the expressions Paul used when charging his younger co-worker Timothy to be in the word and in his teaching. In this podcast, we consider reading the Bible from the angle of Paul’s charge in I Timothy 4:13-16. We also discuss practical ways to read the Bible, some of which you may have not have considered.

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  1. Amen. I can testify that reading the Bible daily has washed me and cleansed me bit by bit from all the worldly things and also my relationship with the Lord has become much deeper than ever before. Praise the Lord for His Word!

  2. Oh… How inspiring! Thank You for Your Word dear Lord Jesus! Thank You for so many ways granted so graciously to us to practice reading-eating Your Word even daily! And many thanks to you dear saints for preparing such a marvelous and unveiling and inspiring message!


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