The High Gospel – SoCal Conference #2

Man is the meaning of the universe. Christ is the meaning of human life. The church is the expression of Christ and is our real family life. Go therefore and disciple all the nations.

These simple yet profound statements embody the good news, the gospel, which the Bible unveils to mankind. The Bible charges us to announce this gospel—not a shallow or superficial gospel but a gospel so high and full of Christ's unsearchable riches. The Bible also encourages us to live for the gospel and make it a part of our very living. How can we do this? Find out in this conference as we explore the deeper facets of the high gospel and seek to live for it in the midst of the rigors and challenges of college life.

(Note: Because of the large number of college students in Southern California two conferences are held each semester covering the same subject matter and material. This is the second of two college conferences covering the subject, "The High Gospel.")

Man is the Meaning of the Universe
Christ is the Meaning of Human Life
The Church is the Expression of Christ
Go and Disciple all the Nations
Testimonies on the High Gospel

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