Download: The Significance of the Birthright (1) The Significance of the Birthright (2) The Birthright as a Warning and a Reward The Blessing, Privilege, and Enjoyment of the Birthright

The subject of this year’s Poland camp was the birthright. As young people, we all must know the significance of the birthright, see the preciousness of it, and know how we can enjoy it. If we properly participate and enter into the birthright in this age, we will inherit the full blessing of the birthright […]

Today, as believers in Christ, we comprise the church of the firstborn (Heb. 12:23) By being reborn of God, we are entitled to receive a special portion, or birthright. Our birthright is not a physical piece of land; it is the unsearchable riches of Christ. It is not a formal, religious service to God; it […]

In the Old Testament the firstborn son of every family enjoyed the birthright, which was composed of three blessings: a double portion of the land, the priesthood, and the kingship. As New Testament believers we also may enjoy the birthright–Christ as our good land, the realization and experience of the genuine priesthood, and the experience […]