Our Birthright (Southern California)

Today, as believers in Christ, we comprise the church of the firstborn (Heb. 12:23) By being reborn of God, we are entitled to receive a special portion, or birthright. Our birthright is not a physical piece of land; it is the unsearchable riches of Christ. It is not a formal, religious service to God; it is saturation with God to express Him. It is not rule over others by force; it is reigning over sin, self, and the world by the divine life. In this fellowship we see the privilege and responsibility that we have to enjoy our birthright today!

The Significance of the Birthright (1)
The Significance of the Birthright (2)
Afternoon Overflow from Students
The Birthright as a Warning and as a Reward
The Blessing, Privilege, and Enjoyment of the Birthright

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