In the Old Testament, whenever the priesthood became degraded, God had a provision called the Nazarite vow in which anyone could voluntarily lend themselves to the Lord for His need. Samuel was an example of such a Nazarite. In the New Testament age, much like in Samuel’s time, God is poor as far as the priesthood […]

“A saved person should be a consecrated person…To be saved without being consecrated is a very abnormal condition.” – The Experience of Life People today are very much guided by their personal philosophy as a guide to living life, but for the Apostle Paul, his philosophical outlook on life was quite simple: For me to […]

This past summer many of us may have participated in one of the college trainings, summer schools of truth, or international conferences. We may have been touched by the Lord to consecrate ourselves again. In this podcast we cover five items that can help us live out our consecration during this coming school year.

D.L. Moody once heard someone say that if a person gave himself unreservedly to the Lord something wonderful would be worked out on this earth. Upon hearing this word he immediately consecrated himself to the Lord. This is the secret as to why God could use D.L. Moody to the extent that He did. This […]

Brother Minoru Chen shared some very important fellowship with the young people during the Winter Training concerning their future and consecration. Isaiah 55:1 says, “Ho! Everyone who thirsts, come to the waters, And you who have no money; Come, buy and eat.” The water is just God as the Spirit—free and available to all. On […]