The Nazarite Vow

In the Old Testament, whenever the priesthood became degraded, God had a provision called the Nazarite vow in which anyone could voluntarily lend themselves to the Lord for His need. Samuel was an example of such a Nazarite. In the New Testament age, much like in Samuel’s time, God is poor as far as the priesthood is concerned. Many believers today do not fulfill their service and function as New Testament priests. In this conference, we take a look at God’s need for the Nazarites, the principle of the Nazarite, the characteristics of a Nazarite and the example of Samuel.

God’s Need for Nazarites
The Principle of the Nazarite
Samuel and Samson—a Positive Pattern and a Negative Example of a Nazarite
Enjoying Christ as the Unique Nazarite
The Characteristics of a New Testament Nazarite


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    Hi, is it possible to have the outlines too so I can follow the message when the saints are reading it!
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