This is the touching story of how Hudson Taylor persevered through sufferings and privations to fulfill the great commission. We chronicle some of the devastating losses and trials he suffered while in China, but only the Lord knows how much this faithful servant endured to plant the seed of the gospel. Hudson Taylor once said, […]

Hudson Taylor’s work in the interior of China came to be known as the China Inland Mission. In this podcast we take a look at how this labor came to be and why it proved to be so enduring. We’ll see how the life Hudson Taylor lived shaped the foundation and mission of the China […]

Hudson Taylor is generally credited with opening the interior of China to the gospel, but he did not do it alone. He needed others to serve with. In this podcast we take a look at some of the companions who the Lord provided during his years of labor, including the most important–his wife, Maria Dryer. […]

Taking the gospel into the interior of China in the 19th Century was a real challenge. Almost all missionary work in the mid 1800’s was consigned to the coasts of China, where there was easy access to ports and protection offered from troops stationed in those cities. The interior of China held many unknowns for […]

God moves primarily through persons, not movements. It may take God a long time to gain a person, but once God has the person, He has the way. In this podcast we take a look at Hudson Taylor’s formative years and the experiences that God sovereignly used to shape this vessel who would open up […]

Before we speak to our friends about the Lord, we first need to pray to God concerning them. The gospel needs a hidden life of intercession. In this podcast we take a look at the importance of intercession and how it affected one young man, Hudson Taylor.