Podcast #34 – The China Inland Mission

Hudson Taylor's work in the interior of China came to be known as the China Inland Mission. In this podcast we take a look at how this labor came to be and why it proved to be so enduring. We'll see how the life Hudson Taylor lived shaped the foundation and mission of the China Inland Mission.

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  1. Sterling Byassee on December 20, 2019 at 5:39 pm

    these podcasts are wonderful! Nourishing, encouraging, inspiring. Thank you for your labor and research to make the lives of these patterns of the faith that God has raised up over the centuries available to us all in such an appetizing manner. May God bless your labors and may you press on in this lacking supply for our young people. I hope ALL our young people´s workers faithfully infuse the young people they serve with this website. Also, although we have translated and published Vol. 3 of these biographies in Spanish, I wish they would be spoken as podcasts. Lord, HOW, WHO, WHEN could this be made available to the Spanish speaking believers, especially those in Your recovery?

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