Laodicea in Greek means the opinion of the people. The church in Laodicea is a warning to us to remain on the line of Philadelphia. Laodicea was confident in their understanding of Christ doctrinally, but experientially, they did not realize that Christ’s evaluation of them was that they were poor, blind, wretched and naked. Smyrna […]

I know your works; behold, I have put before you an opened door which no one can shut, because you have a little power and have kept My word and have not denied My name. ” – Revelation 3:8 The word Philadelphia in Greek means brotherly love. The church in Philadelphia prefigures the recovery of the […]

…I know your works, that you have a name that you are living, and yet you are dead.” – Revelation 3:1 In the epistle to the church in Sardis, we see the beginning of God’s recovery work. This church prefigures the Protestant church from the time of the Reformation to the Lord’s return. In this […]

D.M. Panton is most well-known for founding and editing the bi-monthly magazine The Dawn. He lived during a time of upheaval, the 1920s-1950s, and during that time, he realized that many Christians were not familiar with the teachings regarding the Lord’s coming and the kingdom. He was burdened to instruct, encourage, and incite other believers […]

And I heard another voice out of heaven, saying, Come out of her, My people…” – Revelation 18:4 To fully appreciate what the church in Thyatira signifies, we need to understand that as the Bible is faithful to present to us God’s work, plan, and economy, it is also faithful to present to us God’s […]

Can believers lose their salvation? Is salvation a free gift of God? Does our living, work and conduct matter after our salvation?  These matters can be confusing to new believers.  Robert Govett said we must come back to the Bible to have a balanced view.  In this podcast, we look at the truth of Christian […]

The church in Smyrna signifies the church under the persecution of the Roman Empire during the first few centuries of the church’s existence. The Greek word smyrna means myrrh. Myrrh signifies suffering in the Bible. This was a time of persecution and martyrdom in the church. What this epistle shows us is that the church […]

And you have endurance and have borne all things because of My name and have not grown weary. But I have one thing against you, that you have left your first love.” – Revelation 2:3-4 The seven churches in Revelation 2 and 3 bear a double significance. On the one hand, they were actual local […]

Someone who pursues the truth is also someone who, despite the cost to his reputation and living, will obey the truth. We see this exemplified by Robert Govett. In this podcast we take a look at how the Lord raised up this servant. Many of the truths we enjoy today came at a cost, and […]

In this podcast, we focus on the end of Hudson Taylor’s life and service. We look at the spiritual heritage he left us with as well as an important lesson we can learn from his ministry. At the end of his life, there were many missionaries in China, but few had his testimony. It could […]

This is the touching story of how Hudson Taylor persevered through sufferings and privations to fulfill the great commission. We chronicle some of the devastating losses and trials he suffered while in China, but only the Lord knows how much this faithful servant endured to plant the seed of the gospel. Hudson Taylor once said, […]

Hudson Taylor’s work in the interior of China came to be known as the China Inland Mission. In this podcast we take a look at how this labor came to be and why it proved to be so enduring. We’ll see how the life Hudson Taylor lived shaped the foundation and mission of the China […]

Hudson Taylor is generally credited with opening the interior of China to the gospel, but he did not do it alone. He needed others to serve with. In this podcast we take a look at some of the companions who the Lord provided during his years of labor, including the most important–his wife, Maria Dryer. […]

Taking the gospel into the interior of China in the 19th Century was a real challenge. Almost all missionary work in the mid 1800’s was consigned to the coasts of China, where there was easy access to ports and protection offered from troops stationed in those cities. The interior of China held many unknowns for […]

God moves primarily through persons, not movements. It may take God a long time to gain a person, but once God has the person, He has the way. In this podcast we take a look at Hudson Taylor’s formative years and the experiences that God sovereignly used to shape this vessel who would open up […]

On Robert Morrison’s tombstone it is written, “After a service of twenty-seven years cheerfully spent in extending the kingdom of the blessed Redeemer…he sweetly slept in Jesus.” Anyone familiar with Morrison’s missionary endeavors in China knows that he often met with privation and hardship. Yet despite his outward circumstances, Morrison’s life stands as a record […]

One of the great accomplishments of Robert Morrison was his translation of the Bible into the Chinese language. As an early pioneer in the mission field, Morrison was observed closely by Catholic and Chinese officials. He was prohibited from teaching or preaching the gospel to any Chinese besides those who labored closely with him. God sovereignly […]

Buried? Yes, but it is seedFrom which Continents may feed;Millions yet may bless the dayWhen that seed was laid away. – M.E. Barber China owes a great debt to Robert Morrison. He was the first Protestant missionary to pioneer a gospel work in a land that most Christians at the time deemed impenetrable. In terms […]

In August of 1806, five students from Williams College gathered in a meadow near the Hoosack River to discuss their burden for spreading the gospel abroad. Their meeting was suddenly interrupted by a thunderstorm and they were forced to take shelter under a nearby haystack. There they continued their fellowship and prayer for the spread […]

In this delightful episode we take a glimpse into Martin Luther’s married and domestic life. Katie Luther, Martin’s wife, is the subject of this podcast. After they each left the Romish practice of convents and monasteries, Martin, a former monk, and Katie, a former nun, settled down to enjoy a normal Christ-centered marriage and family […]