The Church in Thyatira

And I heard another voice out of heaven, saying, Come out of her, My people..."

- Revelation 18:4

To fully appreciate what the church in Thyatira signifies, we need to understand that as the Bible is faithful to present to us God’s work, plan, and economy, it is also faithful to present to us God’s adversary, Satan, and his way, work, and means to corrupt God’s people. We could never have the full enjoyment of Christ without understanding what He saves us from, our sinfulness and the negative things which are of the world and of the devil.

In the book of Revelation, there are four great visions. One of these visions (Rev. 17: 1-6) is concerning the apostate church as signified by the church of Thyatira. The call in Revelation is for God’s people to come out of her. If we are going to have the genuine church life as seen in the epistle to the church in Philadelphia, we have to know the contents of Thyatira. We need to see the source of Thyatira, the type of Thyatira, the principle of Thyatira, the element of Thyatira, and the cosummation of Thyatira.

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Note: This is the third in a six part series on the seven churches in Revelation
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