The Church in Sardis

...I know your works, that you have a name that you are living, and yet you are dead."

- Revelation 3:1

In the epistle to the church in Sardis, we see the beginning of God's recovery work. This church prefigures the Protestant church from the time of the Reformation to the Lord's return. In this epistle we see God’s strong reaction to the degradation and apostasy in Thyatira. The church in Sardis is a church coming back to the Bible, the word of God, asking the fundamental question, What does God, not man or tradition, say? In Sardis, there is the beginning of recovery but not the completion. Sardis is therefore characterized by works that are not complete; they have a name that they are living, but are dead. This epistle shows us our need for the inward reality of the Spirit.

The Church in Sardis (1)
The Church in Sardis (2)
The Church in Sardis (3)
The Church in Sardis (4)

Note: This is the fourth in a six part series on the seven churches in Revelation
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