As believers we need to be secure in God’s love. How do we experience God’s love? How does that love translate to the brothers and sisters in the church, to humanity, to our enemies, and ultimately to God Himself? In this fellowship by Brother Ron Kangas we see the importance of having a full development […]

Ecclesiastes sums up man’s life on earth as vanity of vanities, but this is only half of the story. The Song of Songs shows us that when a person believes he goes from vanity of vanities to satisfaction of satisfactions. This college training, given in 1995 following the Crystallization Study of the Song of Songs, […]

As believers we must have a private, hidden, personal life with the Lord. Such secret experiences must precede our corporate experience and cannot be replaced by it. The Song of Songs presents to us the way that we as lovers of Christ can pursue Him and attain to the goal to which He has called […]