In this delightful episode we take a glimpse into Martin Luther’s married and domestic life. Katie Luther, Martin’s wife, is the subject of this podcast. After they each left the Romish practice of convents and monasteries, Martin, a former monk, and Katie, a former nun, settled down to enjoy a normal Christ-centered marriage and family […]

The recovery of justification by faith was a great turning point in the history of the church. We may take it for granted today, but without it we would enjoy precious little of God’s salvation. In this podcast we take a look at this recovery and how it opened the way for the Word of […]

“I see in Luther an energy of faith, for which millions of souls ought to be thankful to God. I can truly say I am.” – John Nelson Darby In this podcast we come to Martin Luther’s momentous break with the church of Rome. Sometimes history allows us to peer into the souls of men […]

In this week’s podcast we cover the fascinating story of how Luther, an Augustinian monk, came to know grace through faith in Christ. We begin with Luther’s encounter with the Bible in his monastery’s library. We then turn to Luther’s pilgrimage to Rome to see how the corruption and extravagance he witnessed there greatly disillusioned […]

God uses all manner of things and persons to mold us into the kind of vessel that He needs for His up-to-date move. In this introductory podcast we take a look at young Martin Luther and the formative experiences that prepared him to boldly stand against the corruption of the church in the Middle Ages. […]

In this week’s podcast we take a look at John Huss’ martyrdom. His testimony sowed seeds that would spring up a century later to influence Martin Luther. Luther once said of him: “I was seized with a curiosity to know what doctrines this great heretic had taught. The reading filled me with incredible surprise. I […]