2008 West Coast College Training – That I May Gain Christ

Our college years can be dedicated to the pursuit of many things—academics, sports, careers, social relationships, etc.–but ultimately the most meaningful human pursuit is that of a Christian to gain Christ.

Such a pursuit should not be individual, but corporate. In particular it is carried out in small groups of twos or threes. The more we come to know and gain Christ with our companions, the more we see, experience and build up God’s ultimate goal, the Body of Christ.

In these messages of the 2008 Summer College Training, we can see and enjoy an experiential Christ in the book of Philippians and be encouraged to progress in the crucial practice of the twos and threes for the building of the church.


The Christian Life in Philippians
A Life in the Furtherance of the Gospel
A Life of Constant Salvation
A Life of Shining as Luminaries and Holding Forth the Word of Life
A Life of Forbearance Without Anxiety
A Life of Expectation

Practicing the Two's or Three's
The Importance of the Two's or Three's in the Scriptures
Beginning to Practice the Two's or Three's
Pursuing the Full Knowledge of the Truth in the Two's or Three's
The Binding and Releasing Prayer of the Two's or Three's

The Experience of Christ in Philippians
Taking Christ as Our Living
Taking Christ as Our Pattern
Taking Christ as Our Goal (1)
Taking Christ as Our Goal (2)
Taking Christ as Our Secret and as Our Power

Special Fellowship
Special Fellowship

Lord's Day Concluding Message

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