The Characteristics of the Overcomers as the Dispensational Instrument to Turn the Age

What is time for? The length of time God has measured out for us to live on this earth is for our participating in the fulfillment of His eternal purpose. Because God’s purpose is carried out in time, He carries it out gradually in stages, or what we may call dispensations or ages. In every age, once God accomplishes what He intends for that period of time, there is a very radical turn of that age into the next. Today, we are living in the age of grace. God very much wants to end this age and bring in the age of the kingdom. In Matthew 16, the Lord said I will build my church. The builded church as the Body of Christ is the reality of the kingdom, the one new man, and the bride of Christ. When God obtains this reality in the local churches, this will precipitate a radical change in the age. But this change can only be accomplished if God has an dispensational instrument. In the age of grace, His dispensational instrument is the overcomers. In this conference given by Brother Ron Kangas, we consider the characteristics of the overcomers as the dispensational instrument to turn the age.


  1. Knowing the Overcoming Christ
  2. Conquering the Satanic Chaos and Being Victorious Over the Attack of Death
  3. Living in the Divine Romance to Become Terrible as an Army with Banners
  4. Fighting the Good Fight, Finishing the Course, and Keeping the Faith to Receive the Reward of the Heavenly Kingdom
  5. Afternoon Fellowship and QR with the College-Age Saints


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