The Economy of God, The Body of Christ, and the Consummation of the Age

In this conference, Brother Ron Kangas shares on the importance of our need to make a connection between our present human situation and what God is actively doing to consummate age. Do we live our human life, our Christian life, and our church life with an inner realization of where we are in time and what God is doing? Those who can contribute to the fulfillment of God's purpose are those who learn to inwardly connect their personal situation with God’s economy and His intention.

What is God doing to consummate the age? Body, Bride, Army, Stone--these four words can be used to describe the consummation of God's work in this age. Within the church, God is seeking the reality of the Body of Christ. The building up of the Body of Christ in the local churches is the preparation of the Bride. The Bride then becomes the Army. The Army is the Corporate Stone that God will use to crush and remove human government from the earth. What God is seeking is the reality of the Body of Christ. Once God obtains this reality, all these things will happen in quick succession at the end of this age.


  1. The Body
  2. The Bride
  3. The Army
  4. The Stone

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