The Four Wonderful Steps of Christ | SoCal Conference #1

For thousands of years, God and man would interact and converse together but remained separate and mostly distant. However, in the incarnation of Christ, a wonderful event took place—a child was born, a child who was called the Mighty God (Isa. 9:6)! Through this wonderful step, God Himself became the man Jesus Christ (John 1:14). This One, who was both God and man, then took three additional steps: crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension. Although we may be familiar with these terms, we may not truly realize how deep and profound their significance is. Furthermore, though they were events accomplished two thousand years ago, they are still relevant today. A true revelation from God of these wonderful steps will revolutionize our living.


  1. Incarnation
  2. Crucifixion
  3. Resurrection
  4. Ascension

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