2010 East Coast College Training – Christ Our Portion

Paul’s epistle to the Colossian believers presents a panorama of Christ. This Christ is not merely an objective Christ, but He is Christ our portion, Christ in us, and Christ our life (Col. 1:12, 27; 3:4). As those who have received Christ, Paul charges us to walk in Him and to be rooted and built up in Him (Col. 2:7-8). The revelation of Christ in Colossians helps us to advance from a shallow Christian life into a life that is deeply hidden with Christ in God (Col. 3:3).


Learning to Live in Union with Christ
Morning Session One (1) – Learning to Know the Peace of Christ
Morning Session One (2) – Receiving the Word of Christ
Morning Session One (3) – Learning to Set our Mind on the Things Which Are Above
Morning Session One (4) – Learning to Persevere in Prayer
Morning Session One (5) – Learning to Walk in Christ, Having Been Rooted, and Being Built Up in Him

Effective Gospel-Preaching and Shepherding on College Campuses
Morning Session Two (1) – Seizing the Opportunity to Preach the Gospel during the College Years
Morning Session Two (2) – Interceding in Twos or Threes and Persevering in Prayer
Morning Session Two (3) – The All-inclusive Shepherding Needed to Present Every Man Full-grown in Christ
Morning Session Two (4) – Being Burdened to Gain People by Taking Up the Leadership on Campus
Morning Session Two (5) – Campus Reports

Christ Our Portion – The Experience of Christ in Colossians
Evening Session (1) – Christ our Portion
Evening Session (2) – Christ-The All-inclusive, Extensive, and Preeminent One and the Mystery of God’s Economy
Evening Session (3) – Christ, the Reality of all Positive Things
Evening Session (4) – Living a Hidden Life with Christ
Evening Session (5) – Putting on the New Man and the Constitution Renewing of the New Man

Special Fellowship
Special Fellowship

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