2011 West Coast College Training – A Man of God

In his first epistle to Timothy, the apostle Paul strengthens his young co-worker in the midst of the downward trend of the age. He begins with God's dispensing and concludes with a charge to a man of God. This word was given for us to know how we ought to conduct ourselves, how we may be constituted a good minister of Christ Jesus, and how we may be one with the desire of our Savior God, until He comes. All of us as believers must aspire to be real men of God, those who are filled with God, enjoy God, live God, and express God.


The Basic Qualifications of a Man of God
Morning Session One (1) - An Exercised Spirit
Morning Session One (2) - A Good Conscience
Morning Session One (3) - A Pure Heart
Morning Session One (4) - An Unfeigned Faith
Morning Session One (5) - A Proper Humanity

Gospel on Campus
Morning Session Two (1) - Seizing the Opportunity
Morning Session Two (2) - Interceding in Twos and Threes
Morning Session Two (3) - Living a Shepherding Life by Ministering Christ to Others in Love
Morning Session Two (4) - Taking Up the Leadership on Campus to Gain People for the Church
Morning Session Two (5) - The Homes

A Man of God
Evening Session (1) - A Man of God
Evening Session (2) - A Vessel Unto Honor
Evening Session (3) - A Pattern to the Believers
Evening Session (4) - An Inoculator
Evening Session (5) - A Good Minister of Christ Jesus
Evening Session (6) - A Fighter of the Good Fight

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