2012 West Coast College Training – The Course of the Church

The greatest prophecy in the Bible, spoken by the Lord Jesus Himself — “I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it” (Matt. 16:18) — previews an on-going struggle throughout the course of the church. The church came into existence following the Lord’s resurrection in the first century A.D. Despite an excellent beginning for the newborn church of God at Pentecost, degradation quickly set in and Satan has continued his attacks and attempts to undermine the building of the church since then. Nonetheless, the church will indeed be built; today we are fulfilling the final chapters of church history and seeing the Lord’s promise through to completion. Remarkably, the course of the church over the last twenty centuries was already foretold and described in the New Testament, especially in Revelation chapters 2-3.


Lessons Concerning the Human Spirit
Morning Session One (1) - The Human Spirit
Morning Session One (2) - The Exercise of the Spirit
Morning Session One (3) - Exercise of our Spirit for Godliness
Morning Session One (4) - A Proper Spirit
Morning Session One (5) - Discerning Spirit from Soul

Fellowship on the Practice of the God-Ordained Way
Morning Session Two (1) - Bearing Fruit and Having a Heart of Love
Morning Session Two (2) - Rising Up to Take the Lead on the College Campus with a Good Coordination with the Church
Morning Session Two (3) - Praying with Companions and Pursuing the Truth
Morning Session Two (4) - Prophesying
Morning Session Two (5) - The Students Being Involved in the Work of Perfecting to Multiply Themselves on the Campus

The Course of the Church
Evening Session (1) - The Church in Ephesus and the Church in Smyrna
Evening Session (2) - The Church in Pergamos and the Church in Thyatira
Evening Session (3) - The Church in Sardis
Evening Session (4) - The Church in Philadelphia
Evening Session (5) - The Church in Laodicea

Special Fellowship
Special Fellowship - "Lord Here I Am"

Conclusion - A History of the Lord's Recovery

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