2016 Northwest College Training – Final Report

2016 College Training


Praise the Lord for a wonderful week at the Northwest College Training! We have enjoyed a sweet and exercised atmosphere. It had been really great to blend with 160 saints from the whole northwest, including Vancouver, BC and 25 saints from Calgary!

We are thankful that there have been no major problems or incidents. We feel like Evergreen State College is a very suitable facility for future College Trainings! We have been borne by all the prayers of the saints and the practical help from so many saints including the hosting saints from Olympia and serving ones from southern California.

The students have gained many more companions through the blending this week. They have had a number of breakthroughs in the matters of being revived in the morning and exercising their spirit. They were also very touched with the need to pursue together and bear fruit in the twos or threes.

The revelation of the mystery in Ephesians was unveiled to the students evening by evening. Lord, through your eternal economy, may all the students be headed up to function in their measure for the building up of the Body that the bride and the warrior would be prepared and the whole universe would be under the headship of Christ!

May the students continue their pursuit after the training by:

  • Building up the habit of being revived morning by morning
  • Being washed and renewed by the water in the word daily
  • Being built up to pursue and bear fruit in twos or threes
  • Participating in much binding and releasing prayers in the prayer of the church





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