2016 West Coast South College Training – Final Report

2016 College Training


The Lord has been bringing us further in this college training since it's start. We have been experiencing the blessing of the Lord through our being carried by the prayers of the saints.

There continues to be an atmosphere among the students of coming to the meetings early and exercising the spirit!The students have tried to pace themselves throughout the day, even to wake up early, in order to maximize the most out of the meetings.

In the testing of the memory verses, the students have been not just been reciting the verses but endeavoring to exercise their spirit to get out of their mind and minister Christ through their release of the verses.

During the evening line on "The Revelation of the Mystery", the speaking brothers continue to speak a strong and solid word to the college students. On Friday night, a word was given about the building up of the Body. Many students testified about how scared they were, but they realized they needed to speak and exercise their function in order to build up the Body of Christ. Some even testified that they "were willing for the Lord to make me willing to be perfected for the building up of the Body of Christ". Another student expressed how she "can't explain how thankful I am that the Lord changed my plans". There was a general feeling in the testimonies after the speaking that now "we know our destiny".

However their experiences this week have had a practical outlet for the weeks after the college training. During the Friday afternoon session, there was a precious opportunity for the different campuses to gather by region and school to fellowship how to continue on after the training. They began to realize more that these are the potential companions the Lord has placed around them for them to continue in church life and for them to hear fruit with.

  • The students would endeavor to be perfected to become ones who build up the Body through their speaking.
  • The students would pray with their companions to become related branches in the vine.
  • For a strong conclusion to the training and for the Lord to continue to break through in some students who have not testified yet.

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