2016 Southeast College Training – Report

2016 College Training
We are rejoicing in Athens, GA! 120 college students and 50 serving ones are here from south- central and south-east states enjoying the Lord's blessing. Thank you for your prayers.

Some songs we've enjoyed....
"Spring up, O well, within my spirit!"
"Let us rejoice and exult and let us give the glory to Him..."
"Lord keep my heart always true to You..."
"The Lord be with your spirit! Grace be with you!"

On the first night, we heard faithful and inspiring words related to the value of training for spiritual growth and development. Students were encouraged to take the training inwardly as well as outwardly in order to have the best experience. It was a precious beginning sensing the Lord wanted to do something special this week.

Early morning sessions have drawn us to practice contacting and developing an intimate and loving fellowship with the Lord first thing in the morning. Presenting our bodies in the morning is a practical way to love God with all our strength. Other morning sessions have highlighted the utmost importance of the human spirit. God ranks our human spirit with the heavens and the earth! (Zech 12:1) Also, the dwelling place of God and genuine experience of the church is only in our spirit (Eph 2:22). Lord, strengthen us into our spirit!

Another line of fellowship has been imparting the vision and practice of the 2s or 3s to preserve, maintain, and uphold everything we gain from the training. Spiritual companionships are God's way to build us together and bear fruit. We have been given time in the schedule to practice fellowshipping in this way.

We've had two evening messages on the line of the "Revelation of the Mystery". One brother took us on a tour of verses and footnotes from Ephesians chapter 1. He exhorted and encouraged us to read the Bible more and enjoy the footnotes to enjoy the riches of Christ in order to grow and be headed up in Christ. Another shared on the one new man as the masterpiece of God. Masterpiece is singular, implying that there is only one thing on God's heart. We need to drop all the cultural ordinances, drink the Spirit, and learn to take Christ as our Person for the reality of the one new man.

Students have been diligent in memorizing sections of verses from each chapter of Ephesians. They are endeavoring to be filled in Spirit while handling the scriptures.

  • More light and life to break forth from the Word into the hearts of the students in every message.
  • Mutual care and building up in 2s or 3s and in small groups
  • Continued blessing and strengthening of the one accord among the serving saints
  • The training atmosphere to remain girded up, sanctified and full of enjoyment

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