Flee and Pursue Podcast #108 – A Particular Burden for the High School Seniors

In this fellowship, a particular burden is shared for graduating high school seniors. You are going through a senior year like no other. We all are passing through a very unique time, something none of us has ever passed through. But for you, many of the activities you have been looking forward to are now non-existent. This might be a great disappointment to you. This situation has affected us in many different ways, but in the midst of our disappointment, we should find rest, joy, and comfort in the Lord.  Also, in this period of time, we should consider others. You have friends who are also passing through this season and now is the opportunity for the gospel. Maybe there are friends you have been considering but have never taken the opportunity to speak to. We need to lift up our eyes and look at the fields. Our friends need hope, they need the Lord to be their comfort. Seize the opportunity. There is no better time to let our light shine than now. This is the season to preach the gospel. In sharing the gospel with our friends we should also keep in mind the key principles of prayer that will make our sharing of the gospel effective.

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